Hull tank automatic shot blasting machine

Hull tank automatic shot blasting machine with very high level of environmental protection and cost effectiveness. It used hidden spray pills system, using high performance of throwing pills device fast will steel pills to ground and plate surface, reached cleanup of purpose, is divided into vertical mode and level mode two species, vertical mode of throwing pills machine main applies Yu tank cleaning, tank maintenance, hull cleanup, and clean dome roof and spherical shaped objects of both inside and outside wall cleanup, level mode of throwing pills machine main applies Yu paint clear, and ship deck specific of clean, road and the bridge of anti-sliding performance recovery, and asphalt Pan oil of cleanup, and logo line cleanup removal, and Airport Road rubber and removal and dust-free concrete repair, and so on. Either vertical or horizontal cleaning mode of shot blasting machines, are available within 20 minutes of quick removal and installation. Straight pattern of shot blasting machine lifting system, installed in the power clamps, placed on top of the cleaning up objects, operator controlled by wireless remote control machines and elevators, shot blasting machine can easily up and down movement, and abrasive automatic cycle, you can stop feeding. And only one person can control the production, which is very convenient. reducing labor and improves production efficiency. Steel shot and separation of contaminants from entering the room. Dust collector recycled dust and other contaminants. Blast return to cycling after a storage hopper is available. Located below the dust collector has a barrel. It is easy to dispose of the waste. Shot blasting machine cleaning can reduce the cost to only a few cents per square meter, significant savings in production costs.