Basic operation of the extruder and the process

Twin screw extruder: 1 inverter: modern extruder using frequency converter control, used for the first time, only to basic functions, manufactured prior to commissioning exam, so do not know does not have to go to before it.
    2, host meter: hosts current is used to inspect the main runtime size, the table itself cannot be recuperated, but through mastery of the speed of the screw to adjust the host current, if it is found that the host too much electricity, it should advance screw speed, or increase the amount of feed. In order to guarantee the normal life of the units, in the equipment used during the first three months, hosts current is not available in the highest (at full load) current operation, reach the host with the highest current of 80%. Example main motor 45KW hosts current 84.7A current during the running in period cannot exceed 68A.
    3, die melt pressure gauge: this form is used to inspect the melt in the extrusion pressure, is itself unable to recuperate, but through the feeder to recuperate at a speed of, if it is found that molten head pressure is too high, then slow down feeder feed speed. Twin screw extruder
    4, gear box oil pump pressure gauge: normal display conditions at 0.2-0.3, if the oil gauge is not displayed properly or not at all to review the oil, no oil filter can be liquidated, perhaps the oil could have infarct.
    4, screw speed, conditioning table: open, screw speed is always slow at first and then faster, gradually accelerated methods. The preparatory tasks before driving
    1, for the crowded Christmas consumer plastics should be is boring you want requests and, if necessary, require further boring.
    2, start running gear, speed from slow to fast, review the operation and inspect the instrument task correctly.
    3, switch on the heater, the head body heating, the temperature reaches the set value to each part, heat for 40 minutes, the machine inside and outside temperature.
    4, and sometimes you should have a porous plate oil, filter, add plenty of smooth, porous plate used to settle after cleaning the secondary uses. Twin screw extruder drive
    1, plastic has not been out of the top, a person must not die right in front of it.
    2, and to speed started drive, idling, review screw Rod has no strange and the motor current, instrument has no overload scene, pressure table can normal (machine idling time cannot had long, more short more good, for avoid screw rod between mill wipe and the screw rod and material tube produced of mill wipe, and designated injury material tube or screw rod, screw Rod speed running time not should beyond three minutes)
  &Nbsp;  3, and gradually a large number of additives, plastic extrusion die, screw speed reaches normal operating speed can be a lot of feeding.
    4, and plastic extrusion Hou, needed will extrusion real gradually to introduction to cooling and the traction equipment, and prior opened these equipment, and
    Note: avoid cold drive or open cold car, due to prior extrusion machine also no "hot through" (that extrusion machine material tube within of plastic also no full arrived rules of temperature, plastic of melt body viscosity is high), When driving, especially the new extruder, screw can be broken. New extruder is equipped with torque overload cover installation, a firm is the most effective approach is to not open in front, when the temperature to the desired temperature value, the hand turned couplings part, left three times, third from right, after turning smoothly, to boot. Such as not turning smoothly, just will not power on. Twin screw extruder
    1, arrest, charging, plastic should be able to squeeze out of the extruder, enclosed power barrel and head so next actions.
    2, sealing the host at the same time, close the auxiliary electrical source. Twin screw extruder