Features of sheet extrusion machine

Sheet extrusion machine features! Mainly used in cable material, engineering plastic, modified plastics, elastomers, high filling masterbatch, color degradation masterbatch, sheet, profile, packing tape and film industry.
    1, using a special screw mixing function and design of the high plasticization capacity, ensure that the plastic melt, uniform color and squeeze the amount of increase. Coat-hanger die head adopts special cut expenditure design makes the sheet thickness adjustment is more accurate. Error 1 c
2, temperature control, precise control of the plasticizing process and sheet thickness and smoothness.
3, roll forming roller using horizontal or vertical type, free lift, easy to adjust the sheet thickness, improve quality
4, winding unit with four-axis, with the high torque motor tension control can adjust the speed and winding tension to achieve the thin volume of smoothness. (Sheet-extrusion extrusion (1))