Cup Cup overlapping machine structure and function

Cup Cup overlapping machine structure and function of the machine! Cup overlapping machine rear alignment Cup making shipments. Parts made of glass falls inside the transmission channel, the Cup stand suspended between two adjacent belt. By tilting up the transmission belt until the Central fuselage, glass was not in the transmission channel blower exhaust tail gas blow back, until placed in the transmission channel. Automatically dump Cup head into the fuselage, intussusception.
   , transmission belt: belt between intervals, as the transmission channel of the Cup, Cup diameter smaller than the distance between adjacent belt.
Second, sheaves: controlling the distance between adjacent belt to fit different types of glass.
c, motor: Airframe Powerplant.
d, Converter: adjust the transmission speed of the machine to suit the Cup making machine production speed.
v, blowers: Central fuselage with a discharge outlet, can be unqualified products and are not in the transmission channel glass blowing at the end of the fuselage cabin and the fuselage tail. (Sheet extrusion machine features! )