Hospital Executive Vice President Wang Jinping district, Shantou city, led to research

&Nbsp;   on December 27, 2011, the hospital Vice President Wang Jinping district, Shantou city, led to the stone Fort Street research, in order to better carry out "one school, one town" specialized town services. Jinping district Secretary, Lin Wei, Xie Yang, Deputy Director, stone Fort Street Committee Secretary Chen Zebo, Cai Yingzi, Deputy Secretary and other leaders received us warmly.
accompanied by Xie Yang, Deputy Director of the, we have the Guangdong designer machinery limited, Eagle flexible packaging equipment factory Shantou China limited, Guangdong, Guangdong machinery industry co, Ltd, Golden Magnolia packing machinery factory in Shantou city and other four companies conducted a preliminary investigation of enterprises, development planning and technical bottlenecks have a general understanding. These companies belong to the equipment of light industry enterprises of Shantou, a member of the League, which is produced by the Jinping district a variety of packaging machinery and equipment products, preparation products and raw materials related company, from raw material to end product, the industrial chain of eight companies in line with competitors as partners, times for common development, established to complement each other and share ideas. It is understood that, since its inception in 2008, Union members in joint purchasing, joint participation and joint advertising, marketing, Joint Declaration of production-study-research projects, joint development zone bases of Union industry and achieved many results. This times I hospital and stone Fort Street of "a school a town" cooperation hope can to the Union members Enterprise for point, find local light mechanical industry of common problem, using XI ' an Jiaotong University of advantage resources for stone Fort Street of transformation upgrade effective do service
enterprise research end Hou, we again and Jinping district Technology Council, and stone Fort Street leadership on professional town cooperation of direction, and target, and way, problem for has in-depth discussion. Wei Lin the Secretary has proposed three "a": building up a common service platform, condensing a number of industrial projects, creating an innovative business model. The two sides "three" basic consensus, the next step the two sides will subdivide the concrete forms of cooperation and programmes.
    in our project management Department of Wu Zhihui, ' sreign, general Li Qiuqiong participated in research.