Good meat market at home and abroad to promote the development of related processing machinery

There is a demand, there will be progress, no matter what the industry is. The new year opened, State of the meat industry in China has been ready for this year, not only the domestic production of meat products will rise, quantity of the imported meat will reach new heights. In addition, domestic storage of meat has increased this year, and will also promote the development of meat processing machinery and equipment and innovation has a positive meaning.
abroad: meat imports continued to grow
in order to make good use of both international and domestic markets and two kinds of resources, optimize the globally important agricultural imports, boost import source diversification and develop the stability of mutual benefit and win-win economic and trade relations, AQSIQ issued a document to support construction of the inland areas designated ports of the imported meat.
in recent years, meat import port saw rapid growth in China, as of now, specifies the port of the imported meat has almost 50, covering the provinces.
recently agreed in the Lanzhou area comprehensive bonded area and bonded logistics center in wuwei preparation a specify the identification of the imported meat, fill the gaps in specifying the identification field of the imported meat in Gansu province.
recently, port of Wuhu, Anhui province by the national quality inspection Administration formally approved the establishment of designated ports of the imported meat, became 2nd in the province approved establishment of designated ports of the imported meat.
this year, Xinjiang will build 3 specifies the port of the imported meat, are: port of Alataw port, port of taxkorgan and laoyemiao.
meat import port in China continues to increase, making 2015 meat imports to grow significantly from the previous year, 2016 import volume is expected to grow further, and source of imports will continue to increase.
Home: increase the intensity of animal production
while Chinese meat imports will grow considerably this year, but in order to ensure that domestic meat products a share of the domestic market, a number of urban upgrading for livestock, will increase production of quality animal products, and achieved a certain amount of meat production.
a few days ago, learned from the animal production department in Tianjin this year production targets for meat production of agricultural districts and counties of Tianjin 443,500 tons, of which live pig sell 3.69 million head, cow herd 149,200, 197,500 of slaughter of beef cattle and sheep slaughter 699,800, stock 11.84 million laying hens, broilers sell 72.6 million.
aquatic animal husbandry and veterinary Bureau has also recently been held in liuzhou city aquatic veterinary work, deployment tasks this year, further ensuring the safety of people eating meat at the same time, plans total 229,000 tons of meat this year.
on February 29, the national economic and social development statistics released showed that the year 2015 total 86.25 million tons of meat, up down 1%. This year, however, we are actively planning livestock production plan, construction specifications focus on farms, promote model upgrade. This move will expand sources of meat of livestock and poultry in China, so that total domestic meat rose.
meat market at home and abroad to promote processing machinery
whatever is the growing number of imported meat, or domestic animal and poultry production has been increased, will directly affect the downstream of the meat-processing industry.
order to guarantee the quality of imported meat, not only use the quarantine testing equipment, will also purchase cold chain transport and cold storage equipment. Increased domestic livestock, will directly lead to significantly increased the number of slaughtered livestock and poultry this year, then the market for hogs, fowl as well as cattle and sheep slaughter equipment needs.
meat processing raw materials increased, and meat may not be the long-term preservation of the product. Therefore, in order to reduce the storage pressure, need to meet a number of meat processing enterprises, on the premise of ensuring fresh supplies of meat full, the remaining meat for further processing. These companies need a lot of processing equipment, and purchased during the last century a large number of foreign equipment has become obsolete and need to be updated.
sharp growth in domestic storage of meat, of domestic meat processing industry, is both an opportunity and a new challenge. Meat products have flooded the market, will directly influence the development of meat processing industry, drive storage, processing, packaging and transport machinery and equipment, such as further updates. Meanwhile, meat processing equipment enterprises in China should be prepared in advance, their own independent research and development of more efficient products, to seize the market dominance of domestic meat processing equipment.