Food packaging innovations inspired the masses buy

Whether it be people or food, first must look to attract customers ' attention. In a similar group of food packaging, unique is always more appealing to the eye.
some time ago, Canada had a billboard caught people's attention. It is located in the gateway to Canada of the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort road, is a McDonald's Billboard: a cup of ordinary coffee, foam marking the height-above-but this is not the height of the foam, but according to the snowfall data synchronization in real time. You will see, 25 cm of snow was the cappuccino, 5 cm is Latte, there is no snow is an American ... ... As if the opening of the foodie world weather forecast.
see this new-fangled billboards should be a lot of people will be attracted and try these drinks at McDonald's. Similarly, food packaging to attract customers as to appearance, in a sense, it is also a small food advertising.
it is well known that only unique, different from other moment to catch the consumer's eye. Only consumers pay attention to the existence of the product, and to arouse their desire to buy. From food packaging, only packaging materials and packaging design unique and innovative aspects. Follow the social
packaging material requirements
in terms of packaging materials now have paper, bamboo, metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, glass products, such as, and, recently, there are several new packaging material is research and innovation.
Germany scientists use medical technology successfully developed antibacterial plastic food packaging, beverage packaging the packaging for milk and other liquids. Using coating technology in plastic wrap on it a layer of antimicrobial material, instead of added preservatives in food. This coating with composite resin based materials and special techniques.
recently, the Singapore National University researchers using Grapefruit seed extract reinforces natural Chitosan composite membrane, successfully developed an environmental protection type food packing material that contains no chemical additives. This new type of food packaging materials can slow the growth of fungi and prolong the shelf life of perishable food products such as bread 1 time.
Sweden IKEA (Ikea) recently revealed plans to use a mushroom-raw materials made of environment-friendly packaging materials, to replace the existing extensive use of plastic packaging. This new packaging materials more easily degradable, whose main ingredients are rich in fiber and mycelium (mycelium).
packaging material continuous innovation, more in line with the pursuit of environmental protection, food safety, social, and naturally, more environmentally friendly or more fresh-keeping packaging material will be popular in the market, you can get more consumer attention.
packaging design is more "people-oriented"
as well as the nature of the packaging material to attract consumer care, packaging design is also an important factor. Moreover, unlike the packaging also has other features, package is designed to attract the attention of potential customers and convince them to spend money to buy the product. How packaging design closer to new consumer demands and expectations?

1, concise and clear information like "concise package" who, quite often say when we are talking about the packaging design this design abandons the jumbled invalid information, subtle, pure, easy, unique and eye-catching.
soft package 2, lightweight, easy to carry, good seal, open again after sealing, these advantages in the eyes of brands and manufacturers means ease of transport, better conservation and protection products. Moreover, the flexible packaging easy to adjust into a variety of shapes, sizes, shapes, and added the zipper, Cap, and grip it would not be difficult, and thus has more functional, suitable for different products.
, size more as consumer lifestyles change, their demand for products is growing. Young office workers in the city, for example. They live alone or with one or two people share, buy a small amount of food would be more appropriate.
4, digital printing tipping point may occur
digital printing and traditional printing and the biggest difference is that the latter is printed, printed based on the template qianbaiwanfen and digital print digital images printed with a printer directly, no need to keep replacing plates. In other words use digital printing to print product labels or packaging, you need a shorter, faster time to market, and more customized products. In 2013, for example, coke launched a series of "nickname bottle" in many people's heart has left a very deep impression.
5, "move" environments, there will be more interactive
the world is becoming more and more smart, packaging design, too, such as QR codes on the packaging. Apple recently introduced ApplePay regarding the use of near field communication (NFC,NearFieldCommunication, close-range wireless communication) technology. As long as the built-in NFC chip, distances between two points does not need network for data transmission and information exchange.
simple terms, packaging design if you want to stimulate consumer desire to purchase, you need to meet their needs.
food packaging on the market now seems to vary, but the same. To be successful a place in the minds of consumers, food packaging innovation is badly needed. However, whether it's updating of food packaging materials, or package design requirements change, upgrade packaging machinery.