Domestic packaging machinery and equipment will be a hit

A, and corrugated board, and business box (box), and printing equipment
corrugated board, and carton refers to of is packaging box, and large carton, and fast food boxes, and one-time paper Cup, and paper die packaging,, this class products can is packaging industry in of leading boss, national near million home carton (box) packaging factory, more than 10 years to domestic circulation on corrugated board, and carton (box), and printing equipment of demand focused, supply. In addition to a large number of cartons for daily use, current, motorcycles, bicycles are also used in cardboard boxes. In particular indispensable in daily life fruit by Willow baskets using carton packaging. According to industry estimates, and soon will also use cartons for packaging of vegetables. With further economic development, accelerating renovation of carton packaging enterprises, more urgent need 2000mm width of five, seven, nine storeys and high strength corrugated, carton (box) complete sets of equipment.
II, and medicine processing and packaging mechanical
various in the Western medicine processing equipment, especially important of modern mechanical equipment processing belongs to today industry important subject, solution medicine slice, and producer, and injection, and cream, and bulk, and pills of packaging problem, urgent need various drug processing and the packaging equipment, solution products of adaptability, and supporting sex and the reliability, especially high-speed, and automation, and multifunctional of packaging mechanical, and And supporting of composite packing materials.
c, food production equipment
mainly instant noodles, instant porridge, and representatives of dumplings, buns and other production machines for food processing equipment, and its demand is growing. According to the domestic market, demand for convenience foods is in the direction of: nutritional value, luxury and good taste. Traditional food processing and the elderly and baby food processing equipment market as promising, companies should focus on development.
, beer, beverage filling equipment
currently the main brewery is about more than 800 companies, major beverage plants more than 2000 enterprises. Beer filling machines focus on the development of an annual output of 50,000 tons medium filling equipment, and moderate development of more than 100,000 tons/year of the beer filling equipment. Insiders emphasize that the high-speed, low-loss, precise metering, automatic detection function, automatic equipment. Beverage machinery to adapt "centralized host production and decentralized filling" direction of development. Development site beer and beverage technology and equipment.
five, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging equipment for fruit and vegetables processing,
, preservation is an important trend of development, urgent need for fruit and vegetable grading and equipment, efficient juicing techniques and equipment, concentration of energy-saving technologies and equipment, wash and pick fruit, frozen vegetables and the technology and equipment of dehydrated vegetables. Development significantly reduce fruit and vegetable, food, meat (seafood), loss of eggs and other food raw materials processing machinery, packaging equipment in particular, most of the current mining speed, Co60 radiation technology and equipment.