Pipeline blast danger of hydraulic lifting platform

Solution: 1. analysis of tubing burst reason, find out why, and solve the problem after replacement of the tubing.
2. installing a new valve and a variety of protective equipment.
dangers of tubing burst: pipe burst this rarely happens, engaged in the hydraulic equipment manufacturing industry for more than 10 years only met a few times, with the emergence of new materials of high strength pipeline road, the probability of occurrence is smaller. Pipe bursting with great harm, especially in the electric lift platforms working conditions, greater payload hazardous rain because the pipe burst, cylinder pressure plummeted, if carrying cargo of large tonnage, will lower the cylinder quickly, resulting in heavy losses. Same for pumping station power unit motor is also has some damage.
precautions: many enterprises in order to prevent the pipe-burst, or oil pipe joint separation from happening, for equipment installation of various types of protective measures, such as the installation of blast-proof valve, can be effective protection in the event of an emergency protective equipment a smooth landing, reduce the losses of equipment, there are other measures of protection. Also depends on the device's application environment and the protective measures adopted by manufacturers, and so on. In short do advance protection for the safe and normal operation of the device is a very good habit, advise the customer to try to develop a good check for conservation of good habits.