PPR pipe, PPR pipe fittings

  PPR pipes and fittings new products, uses the most advanced European technologies. Main materials are imported from Europe propylene random copolymers. Features of these products, which makes them one of the most popular plastic piping products in the market. They are widely used in the heating system, its high temperature resistance.
    there are several different types of PPR to work across a variety of applications. They mainly plastic, these pipes are very durable, but lightweight, this is a very suitable for handling and installation. Corrosion resistance and they can keep it clean and high standards of health, is one of the main advantages of these pipes.
    PPR pipe can contain different materials such as metal, fiberglass and so on. These are added for better performance, either very high or very low temperatures, adds an additional property, PPR pipes according to their future use. These pipes with special antibacterial layer to prevent any bacterial growth, and these are widely used, especially in water supplies or health of other industries requiring high level. These pipes are usually taught in general one pipe diameter of minerals.
    as one of the new and advanced plastics products, and these pipes have a different color, thickness, and incorporate other materials for higher performance. We can find them in the heating system, water pipes, drinking water supply, but also for the transport of chemicals and many other industries.