Water separator construction should pay attention to what details

&Nbsp;   most consumers in the choice of materials is being very careful selection as far as possible and appropriate quality assurance of pipes, thus ignoring the details during construction. This article explain in detail during construction should pay attention to the details:
    first, because the PPR pipe relative to the hardness of the steel, less rigid, so installing PPR PPR pipes should be protected in the process of water. In case of pipe surface appeared scratched, damaged, and so on.
    second, PPR pipe fragile at low temperatures, so install PPR water separator must be extremely careful in the winter, PPR pipe slowly cutting, should not be too big, preventing the wall cracked. For already installed should be protected, do not exert pressure or force beats.
    third, the ultraviolet radiation would harm PPR pipes. If intrusion of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, so life will be reduced. At the construction site of PPR pipe construction must be protected, you can package up in darker things.
    IV, PPR pipe and mechanical connections tightened with screws, the rest are heating melt connection. Prevent future leaking occurs during use.
    after the fifth, PPR water separator installed requires measures to prevent pipeline expansion.
    VI, after pipe installation must be made prior to the sealing pressure, to prevent too much pressure, damage to the pipes.
    the above list of PPR water separator should be professionally trained workers to install, and the process is quite important.