Service advantages
a wide range of product selection, high-quality products and reliable service, and fast delivery and reasonable price, features, that the sea of machinery to meet clients in many industries in production and logistics business, and a variety of needs. At present, not only in many of the large companies has become part of our domestic customers, many international companies are increasingly aware directly to the convenience of the mechanical order of the sea.
sea of force mechanical company of main advantage has:
◇ rich of products: Spider-man equipment, and goods lift rose equipment, and logistics handling equipment, more than 100 more species products
◇ full Department products homemade: two big production base, effective guarantees products quality, and delivery cycle and cost control
◇ quality guarantee: all products are provides 1 years quality guarantee
◇ professional of team service: has 15 name professional of engineers, can for customer provides more perfect of programme
• Fast shipping: combined with professional logistics company, products can be quickly delivered to your designated location
• perfect after-sale service: with multiple service outlets across the country